1. Robert Hare of Philadelphia brewed George Washington’s favourite Porter.Porter was the American colonies favourite style of beer.#beerfacts
  2. Paulaner is the largest brewery in Munich and 8th largest in Germany.Founded in 1634.Its Salvator doppelbock is its star beer. #beerfacts
  3. Drinking Mikkeller George stout and Horny Devil Belgian pale ale in a night is a great idea at the time.not in the morning. #beerfacts
  4. Kolsch is a top fermented beer from Cologne.Characterised by fruit and hoppy bitterness.Fmention of this beer is in 874AD! #beerfacts
  5. Cascade hops were developed by the United States department of agriculture and released for use in 1971 #beerfacts
  6. Until the early 20th century the most popular style of beer in Munich was Dunkel. This was overtaken by Helles. #beerfacts
  7. Nelson Sauvin is a hop from New Zealand. Prized for its aromatic qualities. Flavours imparted;grapefruit,melon and gooseberries…
  8. …Nelson Sauvin is named this as it is grown in Motueka Valley near Nelson and its flavours resemble those of Sauvignon Blanc. #beerfacts
  9. I did not know that Steam beer is a style of beer. Also that it is a style made almost exclusively by Anchor Steam. #beerfacts

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