Phill at #BrooklynFeast

Street Feast is back for a new season. Last Tuesday’s was a very special Street Feast though, in the form of #BrooklynFeast, a drinks takeover by Brooklyn Brewery who had over eight different beers on offer, six of them paired with a different dish from each food vendor.


Spit & Roast Van

Brooklyn’s Brewmaster Oliver Garrett was at the event, roaming the car park and seemed to enjoy watching people appreciate his beer (and the food!). He was very approachable and I enjoyed discussing the growth of the micro-brewery trade, especially in France from where he had recently returned. I also really appreciated that he signed my copy of The Oxford Companion to Beer, which he had edited.

The bar was pretty busy for the first few hours, from people who knew what they wanted to people asking “which beer is most like a Corona?”. However, myself and friends of the Mule Steph and Rahul managed to work our way through most of the beers with the occasional snack through most of the evening.


Phill and Rahul enjoying EIPA

The event was organised to coincide with Garret spending a few days in the UK and to promote an increasing interest in Brooklyn Beer. As the man said himself “the more people drink, the quicker we can send more over”. There was also a decent amount of free merch – I am now the owner of a Brooklyn T-Shirt, Baseball cap, Frisbee, EIPA can cosie, and some badges. Although I’m annoyed I missed out on a free woolly hat, but seeing as my £7.01 ticket already included a beer and a small food dish I think I left the evening streets ahead, and slightly drunk. Which brings me onto…

The Beers

Blast! – a wonderfully light yet hoppy IPA, which ran out very early on in the evening too. Probably not as much punch as you would expect from a beer called Blast!, but citrus tones and a light body hid the 9% abv.

Pennant Ale 55– had a clear copper colour, surprisingly bitter for an American take on an English Pale Ale but with a wonderful dry finish. It’s named in honour of the Brooklyn Dodgers 1955 World Champion baseball team.

East India Pale Ale – from a can, which I think suits it more than a bottle. I had forgotten this was 7% until I was halfway through my second can. It was full of flavour, bitter hoppiness and this was exactly what I wanted.

Brown Ale – the Brooklyn take on a mild northern ale. The roasted malts come through as the first flavour but are then overpowered by the hoppiness. Not a bad beer but I think I would have a Newcastle Brown over it.

Pilsner – this wasn’t the beer for a cold and damp Tuesday night in Dalston. Not an amazing beer, especially compared with some of the German beers I had tasted over the previous weekend. The Pilsner left me disappointed but I will try it again at another point before making any serious judgements.

I missed out on There Will be Black and never got around to the original Brooklyn Lager. But I’m certain I will have them again.

For me, the stand out beers were the Blast! and the EIPA, both of which I will be buying more of in the future, as well as the occasional Pennant Ale. Hopefully we can welcome even more Brooklyn beers onto our shores in the near future.

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