Mike’s visit to Roast

Due to the perils of working in retail, my better half and I have only recently celebrated Valentines Day. We decided to mark the belated occasion with a meal at Roast in Borough Market. The website looked daunting, however  I had one of the best dining experiences of my life. The food was exceptional, with a reasonably priced three course set menu at £35 a head. The atmosphere was lively and there was even a Jazz band providing the background music.


Many things impressed me with their range of drinks. Firstly, their oenomatic machines meant that there was a wide range of fine wines available by the glass. This is a huge development in helping to expand the variety of wine that people are able to sample. I hope these machines become more common in restaurants. Secondly, restaurants now value a range of quality craft beers as essential to a balanced drinks menu. Beer is not an afterthought at Roast, where they have three Meantime beers in the fridge; lager, pilsner, and Yakima Red.  However it was their own brand beers, brewed for them by Whitstable brewery, that impressed me the most. They had a pilsner, wheat beer, IPA and Oyster stout available.   Each of them are served in a signature glass, much as you would a wine. I had a wheat beer which came in its own Champagne style glass. This helped to accent wonderful notes of bubblegum and banana. I then had the Oyster stout which came in a ceramic tankard which upfront had a good hit of coffee bitterness but then turned into a dark chocolate sweetness. Ideal with my desert.

It is a shame I could not try their IPA, given the quality of the first two, however I intend on returning to Roast in the near future. If you are looking for a special lunch or dinner then I would highly recommend Roast. Leaving aside the excellence and breadth of their wine and beer list the food was lovely and the service impeccable. I urge you all to go and enjoy the Roast experience. Ideally with one of their wheat beers!